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Royal Crown Diamond Alyssa Francis
Royal Crown Diamond Alyssa Francis

What season are you presently in? Would you like things to be different? Would you like a bit more time feeling wanted rather than needed? Would you like to be more in charge of your life? Does working from home appeal to you?

Do you have dreams for your family and want freedom? Freedom that does not require BIG sacrifices, but you are just not sure how to get there? 

I totally understand. I always dreamed about having freedom to travel, to serve in the mission field as a family and especially the financial freedom that would bring all the blessings. This seemed like an unrealistic dream when I retired from my career as a court reporter after 10 years, and came home to raise the kids.

Financial freedom was definitely being postpones because I did not want to sacrifice the time with my children that I treasured deeply. I did not completely give up, but began to pray.

I kept searching and praying for the Lord to send me a job where I could serve Him, but did not feel like a job. A job that I was passionate about or, you know, that I loved doing. ūüėČ

Then one day I caught myself receiving a small amount of income just by sharing some essential oil information. They had changed the way that I looked at healthy living and I began sharing them with my family and friends in person and online.

This grew into a successful business so effortlessly and has kept growing. My dreams for financial freedom are definitely near. 

I am able to work from our home, be with our children, set my own hours, travel when we want and work the business no matter where we are! I am also able to help others at the same time.

Also, one of the best parts is being able to help others do the same! I LOVE watching others grow businesses from home and experience freedom like I have. I LOVE walking with them through this same journey, helping them get started and seeing their very own creativity as they run with their newly found passion!

Now, are you highly motivated and passionate about helping others while creating freedom for your family? Yes, this would be a leadership position on my team!  

You will be using products that will change your life so much, you will naturally have the desire to share all about the benefits. As you do this, you will be mentored by my team and I as you grow your business creating income and freedom for your family in the process.

Our company, Young Living Essential Oils, is growing at an amazing rate. As the leader in essential oils for over 20 years, our reputation is solid. Our products are highly respected among hospitals and doctors all over the world.

They are must-haves on all mission trips. How amazing it is to be changing lives in many ways as missionaries? Our products are used all over the world and we give back.

We own the majority of our own farms, provide jobs around the world and build schools and hospitals where we have a presence.

It is a privilege to work with a company that not only provides the opportunity for moms like me to work from home and change our legacy, but also is changing the world by creating better lives. 

People are always looking for non-toxic alternatives for their health, and essential oils are what they are looking for.

How would you like to be part of improving wellness and opening a door to financial freedom?

This is something I am passionate about and I will be honored to help you grow your business and change your life. 

What You Can Expect

When You Join Team Thriving Seasons:

*Coaching by me in the form of one on one AND in groups to help you meet your Sonia Mendez John Maxwellgoals!

*Access to our team Facebook group AND other leaders to learn how to use the oils and get support for building a business!

*Access to business building techniques to find your strengths and comfort zone to build!

*An opportunity to Build a Business You Are Passionate About with Great Abundance!

*Ability to get discounts and specials from the company!

*Opportunities for travel and recognition!

Why Should You Choose Team Thriving Seasons?

*We are all about support.  Support is crucial to your success. I am passionate about supporting you and you will be welcomed into a team who is like family.

*Once you join and get your kit, you are not on your own. We will welcome you into our private support group, and you and I will have a one on one call to answer your questions.

*You will always receive support from your team, as well as support from your upline. Trust me, your questions will never go unanswered. 

*We are passionate about running a team of honor and integrity. You will want to choose a team that offers an abundance of support and credible information. So please be very wise when you sign up and make sure you will receive access and support to help you be successful.

*No matter how you choose to build your business, online and/or locally at classes and events, we can show you how. 

*We support each other through joys, as well as hard times that we experience in life. You have another family that is there for you. 

Individual Qualifications:

*Highly motivated


*Caring and Compassionate

*Hard working

*Willing to go the extra mile

*Ready to change their lives

*Willing to listen to calls, trainings and share our products with others

*Willing to invest $160 in the Premium Starter Kit and get access to a wholesale membership

*Willing to use the products to get to know the products (they will change your lives, trust me)

*Committed to ordering $100 worth of product each month (This will give you access to bonuses and commissions. I will show you how to grow and cover the cost of this purchase.) You will also be earning points to spend on free product with this order. 

How does this sound? Ready to find out more?

Fill out this contact form below or call me at 803.556.5483!  I will get back in touch to answer your questions.

Are you interested in ordering oils but not ready to take the business plunge? You can order oils at wholesale without any obligation. Click here to learn more.


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