Living a Toxic Free Lifestyle

Living a toxic free lifestyle and quality of life is what we care most about in our home.  I have always been a “lead by example” gal.

When I made the decision to remove toxins from our lifestyle, the learning curve was HUGE but I was definitely motivated for the challenge.

Honestly, I am still working on it! 😉 Wellness, purpose and abundance is the Young Living lifestyle.

Young Living is so much more than essential oils, although that is what we covered in this online class.  Living well and staying healthy is what we are all interested in, and doing that with toxic free products.  Young Living offers us BOTH!

toxic free lifestyle sonia mendez

A few of my personal favorites are:

* NingXia Red – incredible super antioxidant drink that is fantastic for supporting the body!

* Favorite supplements – multigreens and pure proteins

* Thieves Household Cleaner

* Oral care products

ningxia red sonia mendez

Baby steps to toxic free living!

I started my toxic free journey by choosing one item and replacing it with a Young Living toxic free option. When this change became second nature, I added and focused on another change.

Resources fueled and empowered my journey.  I cannot emphasize the importance of continued education. So here are my favorite go-to resources.

Life Science

The Chemical Free Home



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THANK YOU for sticking with me this far!