Toxic Free Learning

Here is a little toxic free learning for all to enjoy.  Exercise was my only tool to staying above the wellness line.toxic free journey

There was not a season that I did not approach proactively and in the name of being intentional. #alwaysBeintentional

brought with it a new and improved way of being intentional with our health.

The Lord showed me a world of toxic free living AND educated decisions.

When I first began my search for toxic free products, I sure did wish I could find things all in one place.

My prayer for you as you read these words, or watch these videos, is that you find value in using toxic free products every day.  Quality of life is valuable to us ALL!

Would you prefer to listen while you work on a task?  I have got you covered!  Listen HERE or click on the graphic below to continue this journey.

Sonia Mendez What are Essential oils


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