For Real, Toxic Free Living?

For real, toxic free living is a lifestyle? Let’s talk this through for a few minutes. Toxic free living Sonia Mendez

Have you ever felt a bit sluggish, irritable, like energy escapes you way too often? You know you are healthy but you do not feel vibrant!

Stomach is not acting right more than you care to admit. And what is up with all the headaches? Oh, this is too much to process right now.

It is not serious enough to take time off work to see your doctor. Or maybe you tried and were told you needed some extra rest?

Now, here you are a month later feeling the same exact way.

I know this sounds like you because it sounds like me, and friends think a lot alike! Hahaha!

My next thought is, “I’m getting old!” LIES! It probably has nothing to do with aging.

Here are some thoughts for you.

Are you always tired? Even after a great night’s rest, you are still fighting to get through the day. This could be a sign that your body is working way too hard to get rid of the toxins you are pouring into it.

Also, if your answer is “more sweets,” “coffee” or “pasteurized foods,” you are creating an even bigger fight for your body.

Do you enjoy smelly scents? Fragrances are some pretty strong smells and some can even linger in our noses for hours. Has that ever happened to you?

This can mean that you are sensitive to chemicals, and many of us are.   Especially if you suffer headaches or stomach upset simply from smelling something.

Experiencing daily muscle aches and pains? If you cannot tie these to a laborious job and/or workout yesterday, it may be that the toxins in your lifestyle are working away at your muscles and joints.

If you are experiencing muscle aches on a regular basis, consider evaluating the toxic products in your life.

Where did this come from? Acne, rashes and other skin problems may signal a toxic overload as well. Skin blemishes, in particular, can be related to the toxins in our food or personal care products.

Puffy eyes and other skin related outbreaks may also be signs that you have overwhelmed your integumentary system.


Right now you are probably thinking about your household cleaning products, over-the-counter relief and/or even your pantry right now. Believe it or not, our homes are toxic huddles and totally damaging to our health and wellness.

I don’t know about you, but I am all about “quality” of life here. Go look behind your cabinet doors and tell me what you see? Was it a chemical?

Here’s to living a healthy, toxin-free life TODAY!

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