My Cup of Coffee is a Must

My cup of coffee is a must in the morning.  When my husband and children wake up in the morning, the very first words are “What’s for breakfast?” I do not understand it.  How can they be hungry?  Am I alone in this?

Honestly, coffee may also be a must during lunchtime! Serving little people daily in and out of school can prove lunchtime a challenge at times. Eek! Okay, okay, I cannot totally blame coffee on them. My bad food planning may also play a very small part in this. 😉

Now, remember the backup I mentioned yesterday? No, I am not talking about a bag of chips or that candy bar. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner that presents a challenge, consider fruits, veggies and/or a Slique shake with plenty of water to keep you at bay.

What’s your backup plan?

Sonia Mendez Young Living Slique


For more information on healthy options for your family, you might find this page interesting.

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