The Unexpected Thanksgiving!

As Thanksgiving approached this year, the thoughts of sitting in that hospital room last year eating Subway and making gingerbread houses were extremely vivid.

We sure did have a very memorable and unexpected Thanksgiving celebration. I did not mention a word to anyone, but I sure did respond to everyone’s belly aches with a whole lot more time and attention.

Our wonderful stay at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital, November 2013.
Our stay at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, November 2013.

That first night I remember looking over and seeing Angel passed out on the hospital room couch. I was so jealous that he could sleep.

My 3-year-old baby boy had a ruptured appendix and surgery was definitely in his horizon. I could not sleep.

I should have known! Aren’t I his mother! Ugh, guilt is never-ending!

That helpless feeling when all I could do is hold my child and cry with him, because there is just nothing else I could do for him took on new meaning.

“My Dearest Father, you have educated and encouraged me enough to know that you have got this covered.”

“Please help me have the courage to get over the fear of relying on another sinner’s expertise to help heal your child.”

Could you believe that after that very prayer the enemy began to attack, and he did it with BUBBLES? Oh, yeah! All the tears were gone. Evan was quiet in my arms. The nurse was still doing her thing by the IV machine, and that is when I saw that first bubble.

What do I do? My brain was still formulating my words when I blurted out, “Look, there’s a bubble in the line!” She pretended that I did not scare her, and took that bubble out of the line immediately.

As I apologized, she explained that it would take more than those small bubbles in the line to harm Evan. If only that would have settle my fear.

Even though I understood that those bubbles in the line would not hurt him, I must have pressed that nurse button 20 times because of those bubbles! It came to the point where I would bend that line and wait for the nurse to come in and fix it.  She even put in a whole new line!

Angel woke up because of all my fussing. He just let me be. Somehow he knew he had no words for me. I could see him praying for me as he sat there.

The Lord loved me through that nurse, though. I cannot remember her name, but she came in that room every single time and showed me love, peace and even cried with me. She was Evan’s nurse for only one night out of our 7 day stay, and I know that was the Lord’s doing. I never saw her again, but I still am so grateful for her. That was my toughest night.

The love and support of the Lord began to show up spontaneously through His church. Our church family kept showing up with coffee, food, snacks, toys for Evan and much needed prayer for us. Some dear friends that cried and prayed with me, and some that I began a new relationship with after this experience.

Angel had the blessing of welcoming our own Pastor Ralph himself into Evan’s room. Can you believe that that day was the one and only day I went home to relax for a few hours with Kiya and Leana? Can you also believe that Angel had missed most of the visits because of work and running around with our girls?

Our Father’s love knows how to speak to each and every one of our hearts. He poured into Angel’s heart as He had been pouring into mine and Evan’s through our church family, and we thank them all for listening to Him.

The Lord showed me what the love of His church was all about. We all know how life can swallow us up with nurturing a family, work, our daily grind of activities, and to see the love of a church pencil in a visit to Evan’s hospital room to love on him and us is a gift from the Lord that we could never repay.

He gave me some pretty penetrating testimony for the next time He sends me to answer the most common question, Why I go to church?  Walking with the Lord through studying His Word and being in constant prayer with Him is our hearts never-ending desire, and walking through life knowing that another sinner knows how valuable my God is and devotes their life and family to His mission as well is encouraging to all of us!  We are creatures of fellowship after all. 😉

My sweet little Indian at his FBC Preschool performance, November 2014.
My sweet little Indian at his FBC Preschool performance, November 2014.

I never felt lonely and scared after that first night. The Lord spoke love, peace and courage into our hearts and then He showed us by the people He sent to touch and pray with us and for us during that particular time. What darkness and rage would we have found, if we did not know Him during that time of helplessness?

Although this experience started with so much guilt and fear, it became nothing but love and peace.  And although we had a really unexpected Thanksgiving, it was still full of food, love and fellowship.  What more could we have asked for in any day?

A daily relationship with Christ is vital to our well-being forever.  Please do not forget to walk with Him today.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever. Palm 118:1



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