Loving a Widow

Christmas 2014 is gone and will always be remembered by the precious pictures that exist now. Although I loved Loving a Widow2every minute we spent celebrating my Savior’s birth, the most memorable minute was a sweet evening that we spent loving a widow named Sharen.

Night had fallen and we were struggling to find her home. Luckily we were running early for our annual FBCL Deacon’s Care dinner and had the opportunity to fuss and laugh at ourselves in the process. When Sharen got in the car, she just joined in the laughter as if she was present the entire time.

Sharen and I met only a year ago, yet we have been able to enjoy a friendship that seems like it has existed forever. It is not every day that I am blessed like this. The moment she steps into my sight, I become completely mesmerized by her love. Being a mother of young children, this speaks so much joy into my heart and future ME!

We spent the evening with our home church getting to know each other over dinner, laughing and singing. I learned a little more about her that night. Her joy is so overwhelming that I had forgotten she was a widow.

The reflection of her strength in the way she told her stories expressed a life full of adventure. The Lord has designed us to serve Him, and because of that our stories are all powerful. She conquered and survived life’s changes and speaks of them so fearlessly. Sharing your personal testimony can be challenging if our thoughts are kept on ourselves, instead of the lives the Lord is seeking to touch.

Sharen is so loving and grace-filled when she speaks that you cannot help but cling on to every word. Previously when I heard the word “widow” I thought of pain and sadness, and my words escaped me not knowing how to relate to this loss that has caused such a huge wave and left a deep void. Although pain and sadness may be very present at times, just the presence of someone that cares is enough.

Loving a WidowSharen has shown me that although there have been some tough seasons in her life, there has been so much joy as well. Why have I been shying away from a beautiful creation of God? She wants and seeks to share her joy with all of us!  Once again, those fearful thoughts were full of my present feelings instead of focusing on loving others.

The next time you hear the word “widow” do not be afraid, but run to her or him with much love. Our Father loves, protects and holds dear to His heart the widows and fatherless, so let’s share in those tears of hurt, tears of joy and moments of laughter together. Where else would we rather be, but at the place we are called to serve Him after all?

When you are protected and provided for, consider whether God might use you in the life of another. Do you know someone who needs the protection and provision God might give through you this upcoming year?

Many New Year’s Blessings,


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