Second Day of Kindergarten!

As I pulled in my parking spot this morning to drop my precious Leana off for her second day of kindergarten, I suddenly thought about her being able to find her way to her class once we transitioned to the car lane later this week.  I decided to play a game.  I asked her, “Leana, do you know how to get to your class?”  To my surprise she responds, “yes.”  I mean, why wouldn’t she know this?  She has already spent seven whole hours in that building.  “Okay, I am going to follow you to your class.”  Leana looks up at me with such a loving smile and incredibly excited big brown eyes that melted my heart away.  I am telling you, I fell in love with this child all over again.

First time in a classroom, August 2014Well, she led and I followed.  I watched her turn right and waive the occasional “hi” to the school staff diligently looking over the children as they found their way to their classrooms.  She made a left and looked back at me with a huge smile to be sure I was still there, following and allowing her to lead the way.  Another right and down the hallway we went.

Finally, she paused in the middle of the hallway and I was just beside myself ready to jump in and rescue her!  Then I saw her take her backpack off and continue to the front door of her class unloading her lunchbox at the same time, because you must drop off your lunchbox at the front door basket.

I began to tear up.  I felt joy and comfort knowing she would be just fine tomorrow finding her way through this five-minute walk to her classroom ALL BY HERSELF!  As I watched her hang up her backpack in her assigned cubbie, find her seat and put on her name tag, I was so proud of my girl.  How exciting!

I deserve a pat on MY back for leading her to this very milestone.  I must have just one more picture, kiss her, and tell her I will be waiting for her at the car lane at the end of the school day.

Then I start the long walk back to the car, passing the same staff, waiving farewell and trying to keep my composure at the same time.  All of a sudden my sweet, precious little girl has grown up just a little bit more and now will not need her mommy to walk her to class!

My heart sinks and I start having to fight off tears of sadness instead of tears of joy!  I think, “Girl, you are just crazy! You were just so happy because she showed you she would be just fine finding her way to class.”  There are no words for a momma’s heart and mind.  So many mixed emotions going on almost constantly.

Somewhere in reality I heard someone say, “It will be all right mom.”  When I looked around and noticed the faces of the other moms, I knew instantly that I was not alone in my thoughts.  We were all sharing our thoughts, through our facial expressions, with everyone as we walked down the super congested hallway secluded only in our minds.

Oh, my world!  It is only kindergarten and a five-minute walk to her classroom in an abundance of security cleared and loving staff.  She will be okay!  This is the beginning of many, many more milestones.  I can handle this!  With much prayer and pep talk, I get in my car and drive slowly off school campus consumed in my thoughts as my brain plays a slide show of my precious Leana from birth until the second day of kindergarten.



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